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30 December
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1984, adrian tomine, ai yamaguchi, anime, art, assorted jelly beans, astronomy, bagels, bear, björk, bluntman and chronic, books, cats, classical music, clerks, clouds, coding html, comic books, comics, compatibilism, composing, computers, creating graphic art, cute things, daniel clowes, design, digi charat, dir en grey, donnie darko, drawing, dreaming, driving, earthworm jim, eightball, evanescence, falling for people, fashion, ferris bueller's day off, fiction, fight club, filler bunny, fireworks, flogging molly, friends, fsc, futurama, ghost world, giant robot, gorillaz, happiness, happy noodle boy, hugs, human rights, i feel sick, incense, invader zim, j-pop, jamie hewlett, jamie smart, japan, japanese, jay and silent bob, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, jthm, kissing, knowledge, language, learning, lenore, linkin park, literature, long hair, lord of the rings, love, love hina, luster kaboom, madonna, mallrats, manga, mathematics, memento, mind expansion, minority report, modernist literature, morality, movies, music, nature, neon genesis evangelion, nightmares and fairy tales, ninja scroll, nny, no such thing, observing the world, oekaki, office space, painting, philosophy, photography, photos, piano, plato, poems, poetry, princess monoke, reality, ren and stimpy, roman dirge, salvador dali, sanrio, second chances, serial experiments lain, simpsons, slave labor graphics, smallville, space ghost, spirituality, squee, star wars, stars, sting, surrealism, tank girl, taoism, tattoos, tenchi muyo!, the fifth element, the matrix, the sandman, the smiths, trigun, truth, underground comics, vegetarianism, walls, watching people, webcomics, webdesign, wings, wisdom, wobbly headed bob, writing, アニメ, 日本, 日本語